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    hi there - thanks!! lots of practice, i guess. but you don't want to draw like me! every time you spend a lot of time making something, someone will say "that looks like dan paladin's work". wouldn't it be cooler if every time you drew something they'd go "oh man that's gotta be Chill Jester's awesome work!"? i think that would be ideal for you. i don't actually know how to instruct anyone to draw like me, since i just kind of go on autopilot. i can tell you some awesome tools though; intuos3 or intuos4 6x8" tablet the animator's survival kit by Richard Williams what inspired BBT was one of the minigames from Alien Hominid. lots of people would tell us they played that minigame more than AH itself, and we liked it a lot, too. so we decided to base our next game around the same foundation and keep going until it was as awesome as we could get! good luck!