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    Coming this Summer! Read all about it in our blog post... https://blog.thebehemoth.com/2019/03/19/castle-crashers-remastered-coming-to-nintendo-switch-and-playstation-4/
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    Thanks for your interest in playing Alien Hominid! We'd love for all of our games to be on every platform, but we're a small team with limited resources so we can only focus on a couple projects at a time. Right now, those projects are Pit People for Xbox One and for Steam. Who knows what the future holds though? If we do bring Alien Hominid to PC then we'll let you guys know on our blog
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    At this time no plans have been announced for the Nintendo Switch. We're currently focused on developing Pit People, but who knows what the future holds? Thanks for your interest though!
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    I never really thought about this until now, but the Switch is perfect for beat 'em ups like Castle Crashers. It really is the most social console I've played since the Wii, just for its portability and couch multiplayer. Combining that with some old school beat 'em up action would be perfect. Thinking about it, I would love Castle Crashers to re-release on Switch. I'd snap it up instantly ("snap", like the Joycons? hahaaaa)