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  1. Feyrazor

    Cyclops plot curiousity

    uhh FMA is awesome!!
  2. Feyrazor

    Post your current Level

    3 99s AH, red knight, and the Brute
  3. Feyrazor

    OMG I played with Dan

    hey dan one more thing, how the hell do you use the bombs the way you do with the royal guard?! best royal guard ive played agiast by far its ridiculous how good you are with them haha
  4. Feyrazor

    OMG I played with Dan

    Gah, I wish. I could rant out my frustration on the stupid sockpuppet dragon. Does this mean you won't play anymore after you get the achievement? . YOU HAVE TO STAY ON!!!!! And do you play with a mic-ey? I have no idea what you sound like. Tom Fulp would be awesome to crab battle against. when i played with dan he didnt use a mic but i was sure talking to him!! hahahaha
  5. Feyrazor

    OMG I played with Dan

    ya dan i know exactly who you are talking about he was ranked 7th in lifetime. im currently ranked 14th
  6. Feyrazor

    OMG I played with Dan

    ya dude it was fun i was freaking out when he joined my game haha
  7. Feyrazor

    OMG I played with Dan

    this was ranked
  8. Feyrazor

    OMG I played with Dan

    Yeah as the topic says, i played with dan and he is good! I played him in 2 arena matches 1st match Me=Blue Knight vs Dan=Royal Guard. I barely Won 2nd match Me=Blue Knight vs Dan=Green Knight. Lets just say his green knight owns Now probably most if not all of you wont believe me, so i hope dan can verify it. My GT-Pew Pew Pew410 hope dan remembers Thanks for the great matches dan!!
  9. Feyrazor

    Online play!

    you sure do like the word loving
  10. Feyrazor

    Brute Magic is Epic...

    ya dude the brute is a killer i have a lvl 99 brute myself
  11. Feyrazor

    Any 99's here?

    i have 3 99s red knight, AH, and the brute
  12. Feyrazor

    Need help on insane

    Hey im the red knight!
  13. Feyrazor

    1 hour to go.

  14. Feyrazor

    how will u get c.c.

    lmao that movie is full of win