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  1. School, that's on my mind. And cookies, love those things. LoL (League of Legends), quite addicting sometimes. Playing guitar, haven't done that in a while. Well, I have a lot more things on my mind, Behemoth, but I won't share everything with you. Sorry for that.

  2. Anyone has a idea of something fun to do during class? I refuse to focus on this lesson.

  3. I feel like sharing 2 BBT Beta keys... But I don't know with who jusst yet...

    1. WaynetechB76


      Well if you have an extra... I know someone who would be overjoyed to have one since it doesn't appear he was selected for the Beta. :)

  4. A week of vacation up ahead... Oh, the long sleeps I'll have...

  5. This forum is pretty good. Found some nice people to have a discussion with, some fun and serious topics to follow and above that, I still feel like visiting daily after at least a week. I think this is going to be a regular forum for me, at least, as long as school grants me enough time to visit daily, haha.

  6. My mind is empty. No really, it's a dark cave where many adventurers got lost. Too many.

    1. ChickenOffender


      well that's sad and dark.