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  1. I noticed that, yes, haha. We'll probably be posting after eachother pretty often then.
  2. We'll see, I'm going to stick around for a while anyways, so the post limit won't be a problem, haha. (Don't worry, I'll make sure alot of them are useful too, haha.)
  3. Alpacka; that was his name. Beer was the drink of his choice. Copper, that was his favorite metal. Day and night, he struggled to keep his mouth shut, for he had a terrible secret waiting to reach the world. Eventually, the police caught him drunk. Fortuantely for him, the police were not very smart, so he managed to escape. Given that he was drunk at the moment of escape, he just ran in circles for five minutes until.... He got ran over by a police car. In jail, Alpacka met a magical puppy named Tiberius IV. Just after he met the puppy, the puppy exploded. Killed Alpacka, the soul of the puppy escaped jail and entered the body of the sheriff. Later that night, the possessed sheriff gathered all the parts of blown Alpacka together and... Murdered an eagle, for that was the puppy's hate. Now he wanders this world, seeking out his next target. Little did he know about...
  4. Because laughing about it would be weird. Why did I even post in this topic?
  5. Hey man, nice meeting ya! I'm sure you'll have fun here, look around a bit and I'm sure you'll find stuff you like. Oh, wait, I'm new too. Hi everyone, Tomster1000 here, but you guys can call me Tom if you want (duh...). I'm relatively new to this forum, but I've been to many others, so I know how forums and all work. I've even moderated for a while on some forums (I was 14, but a darn good one, even though I might be saying it myself). I'm from the Netherlands, or Holland, whatever you prefer, 17 years old. I joined this forum for BBT, but I always get involved in a community, no matter why I join, haha. Big fan of silly forum games, so you'll probably see me post there alot, haha, I also enjoy a regular game of Black Ops Zombies, either I or II, I play guitar, basketball and ehhh... sometimes I'm acting like a freaking idiot, just for fun, haha. I'll hang around for a while here, hopefully getting to know you guys a bit better, I'm always in for a good conversation, so if you feel like it, PM me and we'll have a nice chit-chat. ^^
  6. Perhaps I'm not worthy and stuff, but oh well, it's worth a shot. ^^ Steam: Tomster1000 XBL: xFaKe LeaDeRx Newgrounds: Tomster1000 Now that I'm looking at it, perhaps you could implement join date in your decision. That would definetely kick me out of the list, but it would make it all a bit fairer I guess.
  7. banned for being unselfish.
  8. Meh, don't be. Something you tend to get used to when waiting for indie games, is waiting. Whether it's for an update of minecraft, a new game or anything else, patience is a virtue. If you do not have the patience for it, then indie games aren't for you. Now, for my fair share of info on this topic, I totally agree with the big game companies being asses. They've found out that people are willing to pay the same amount of money for a sequel which has the same content as all those before, only polished and with a new name. I'm afraid this will just stay this way (at least, with the big game companies,) until gamers decide to boycot those kind of productions. Guess what will never happen? Yeah, you guessed it right. Before this issue is fixed, we'll probably be at least 10/20 years later, when a new generation of managers enters the business, but that's not even an assurance that they will change the given concept to work with. Gaming pretty much reached the valley of creativeness and the only companies who make up for this massive lack, are the smaller (often indie) game companies. I've already decided to stop buying those crappy games, I have Black Ops and until theyre going to do something mind-blowingly different, I'm sticking with that.
  9. Banned for having a pink avatar.
  10. Banned for being a wizard.
  11. My name is probably mostly just a reference to my own name, added -ster behind it, because it sounded "cool", then added 1000 because Tomster was already taken. The birth of a legend. *insert badass quote here* EDIT: Oh yeah, my Xbox LIVE Gamertag. That's xFaKe LeaDeRx and well, that nothing really romantic either. Made my own clan, nothing big, just me and my friends and we liked the tag FaKe, so that's how that got in there, now, I guess it's pretty obvious why the last part is there, I'm the leader of my clan, so yea, you see the picture. the 'x' in the beginning and the end is mainly because we liked that too, but also because someone already took the name FaKe LeaDeR. Never met the guy though.
  12. This definetely is looking good. I'm pretty active on Newgrounds, mainly on the music/game part of it, but I figured joining here wouldn't hurt either. Probably going to sign up for the beta too. Been a while since I've played a decent XBLA game, haha.