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  1. As someone afflicted with babyvoice, are you coincidentally also homosexual? (I know my references ) Ask me about punching you in the face.... In the face.
  2. I keep doing that. -.- Well, ehh... Would you rather jump off a cliff or get shot up against a ceiling. Yes, you will die anyways.
  3. Amnesia's dungeon. Hell, I beat the crap outta those puppies. Now seriously, I've already finished the game 3 times, I think I can find my way through it once more.
  4. Banned for banning one of the many and mighty honourable memberz, a joint force of unstoppable testers, who find every glitch, bug and piece of chocolate, left in the game when the makers looked away for a moment.
  5. The "Hallo" tempts me to make a suggestion about your whereabouts, but I'll keep that to myself. Welcome to the forums!
  6. Because I'm talking to you. Why haven't you guys tried to eat a banana shake yet? It's quite entertaining, at least, for me....
  7. Banned for caring about that. Go play BBT. It's fun. Enjoy... Forget all of your troubles... Become one with the game.... I'm so evil right now >: D
  8. The world would suffer for 2 years, 9 months, 22 days, 15 hours, 2 minutes and 10 seconds. Chocolate?
  9. Hitler, as far as I'm concerned he was worse than Napoleon. Would you rather stop hearing all music, including in games etc., or would you rather be unable to play any games, but you can see them being played.
  10. Banned for not liking my post, even though I made a good point. EDIT: And banned for not yet telling me your Xbox Gamertag. We really need to b├ętatest that game together.
  11. Banned for calling the USA beautiful. Pfff, go visit the Netherlands first, then try and say that again. Americans...
  12. Banned for telling me that. I KNOW IT'S BETTER, I WANT TO BE THERE D:
  13. I'd go for the Chocolate, I'm a chocolate-addict most of the time, living without chocolateice would kill me. Would you rather stop talking to your best friend or stop talking to your parents?
  14. into space, find zombies and bring them here. Or go into the depths of the abyss, find zombies and bring them here. As long as I can find zombies, I'm good. ^^ Would you rather die from loneliness or die from a painful disease?
  15. I feel like cheating right now, because I already answered this one (kinda) before, but a zombie apocalypse. Better chances at survival, at least for me. Would you rather be the last man alive after an apocalypse or the first one to die?
  16. Banned for being the second K project. A shame the first one went wrong.
  17. As someone jumping on prisoners' heads and stealing their souls, do you ever feel the urge to eat a cookie while doing that? Ask me about liking your own post.
  18. I like trains. *reference reference* Do you feel that too? You know, that weird feeling.
  19. Behemoth is about to publish a new game, I think there are not that many people who know that here. What was the question again?
  20. rrod for me please, I know how to fix the little brat. If it ever shows up on my frontdoor, I'll kick it ou with a blue ring of bruises. rrod leaving with brob. hehe. Would you rather get a love letter from Bill Gates or Barack Obama?
  21. Banned for replying to my ban too fast for me to have a proper ban ready.
  22. Damn, good stuff man. I love to see some new stuff posted here when I get online again, so this was a very pleasant surprise. Don't go work on the Pink Knight though, he/she's horrible. Scary. Dangerous. It will eat you piece by piece.... tl;dr: Pink is overrated.