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  1. It has to be in Castle Crashers, not just any game. My fav is Pink Knight because of his rainbow magic. Go Pink Knight, slay all of your enemies with magic rainbows! Hey, isn't that discrimination? Don't go hate on poor Sly, he's been through a lot lately. Poor, poor Sly... Anyway, since someone else has posted a non-CC character too, I'll go for The Bunnies in Rayman Raving Rabbits. They're too crazy to resist. Oh, the responses this post will have (or not have)...
  2. Hey peeps, welcome to the forum, have fun (especially in the Forum Games section ) and I hope I'll see you guys around some more! Just don't go post more than me, hehe.
  3. It would be usefull to add in which region you play. I, for example, just made a new account on EU Nordic, so people from EUW cant play with me. If you wan't my username (which would make no sense), it's Divine Leader.
  4. As someone who has not been accepted into the bbt beta yet, do you think you will be invited? Ask me about giving out a helping hand.
  5. Let that be your first liked post. Because I like it. :3 It seems like I haven't been invited to the beta, so no extra invites either. I hope you guys have fun though, I bet you're going to have tons of fun with it.
  6. Banned for breaking the laws of physics.
  7. Banned for having an avatar that flies 24/7.
  8. Banned for not hating me as much as i thought you did!
  9. Banned for being newer member than me, with less posts, who didn't even read my perfect ban 1/2 pages back.
  10. Banned for banning people. Geez, have some respect people...
  11. Banned for destroying sarcasm, which destroys some of the best series on the planet, which destroys all of the humor on this planet, which destroys alot of movies on the planet, which destroys all happiness on this planet, which destroys all productivity on this planet, which destroys all human forms of life on this planet. Congratulations, you destroyed the world in 4 words.
  12. Banned for missing the sarcasm.
  13. Invisible giant wasp, I would tame it and conquer the world with it. *mwahaha* Would you rather be banned from this forum forever or lose your second best friend?
  14. As a very awful bowler, would you accept help from someone who's better? Ask me about being a evil scientist.
  15. Because it can piss of mods pretty badly. Which is funny. Once in a while. Why do mods hate it when we derail threads?
  16. A cow, that animal will probably not even notice such a small thing pressing against it. Would you rather be god or the devil?
  17. As a peanut, have you ever been eaten before? And as a person writing a post on a little bit indecent place, do you do this more often? Ask me about being a nice person who answers multiple questions.
  18. Banned for believing the poor chicken, while he is actually patiently waiting for me to come online on Xbox Live.
  19. Because he's afraid he will be the next chicken wing I'll eat. How come I feel we're slowly derailing this thread?
  20. A week of vacation up ahead... Oh, the long sleeps I'll have...

  21. Banned for being on the forum.