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  1. As someone being relaxed, do you do anything important? Ask me about working at the muffin factory.
  2. Nope, not italian. I do want to go there though, I've always liked the culture.
  3. As a owner of a scotch tape collection, have you ever thought about selling them? Ask me about being rare.
  4. Banned for not thinking harder. Think harder! *seriously, just think for some time, if I can't think about one, I'll let that person slip until I know a good one. *
  5. As someone who is super excited for Friday, are you alse very excited for Saturday? Ask me about being a superscientist.
  6. When it's Valentines Day, have you ever thought of it as a commercial heap of nonsense, only made to earn more money from people? Ask me about being a storywriter.
  7. A spider. Let's hope you're not scared of 'em. What is your favourite music?
  8. Banned for not knowing I'm in a clan called xFaKex, making pretty much everything I do quite damn fake.
  9. You're banned for raising little motivation for a good ban.
  10. Banned for claiming I put little effort into these posts, while the main issue lays in the lack of motivation for long bans, which is given to me by other banners, so, as you requested a ban with effort put into it, I shall supply one, as I will ban you for having a BackBoneProblem, for which I think you haven't gone to the doctor in a long while. I will also ban you for using the maximal amount of pictures in your signature, while one picture is obviously a gif. Also, I will ban you, because Turkeys belong to a good Thanksgiving meal and not to a forum. I will also ban you for using a avatar originating from MGR. If that wasn't enough, I will also ban you because you didn't get a like for your last ban. Ofcourse, I will also ban you because the power of the ScribblenautGod Maxwell has allowed me to. He also allowed me to ban you for being in Christmasland, while you are not allowed to be there anymore since the Turkey-accident of 1843. You will also be banned because you now have 585 posts. Maxwell also ordered me to ban you for being a Level 5 Chicken Lover. You're now also banned because I even took the effort to improve a mistake I made. Now, if that is no effort put into a ban, I'm outta here.
  11. As a computer tech, do your own computers work properly Ask me about forgetting to add a question. -.-
  12. Banned for using a already used ban.
  13. Banned for being a newly returned member! ;D
  14. I have ignored it's existence since I was born. What makes this forum special?
  15. You asked "What question am I going to ask." Has anybody else seen asdfmovie 6?
  16. It's a superfamous celebrity, OMG! Oh, wait, nevermind, it's just you. How exactly can you phrase the number pi?
  17. Banned for not sharing your location.
  18. It makes me feel quite famous. I'm enjoying you watching me. How does that make YOU feel?
  19. Banned for breaking the combo.
  20. Because teachers are secretly evil professors, who love to torture every kid there is. Why are some people such big fans of cartoons?
  21. Banned for trying to understand... or not... (oh the humor)
  22. You aren't, you just say you are to keep the name of women high. Why am I able to multitask this easily while I am no woman? (playing guitar and posting at the same time, while chatting with someone on skype)