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  1. Banned for not understanding what I just said... or not....
  2. Wait, do people associate with you? Why do people claim multitasking isn't for men?
  3. Banned for knowing you are probably right about my house... Or not.
  4. As someone without friends, do you have anyone to talk to? Ask me about being a cheerful young lad.
  5. Banned for assuming things. And for lying.
  6. Banned for thinking the USA is more beautiful than the spectacular Netherlands!
  7. Banned for bothering to respond to that ban.
  8. As someone being excited for her 15th birthday, does it annoy you when I would tell you I'm already 17? Ask me about being Dutch.
  9. As a Dutchman, do you meet many Dutchies on the forums? Ask me about being annoyed (by parents who tend to ask you for favours at exactly the wrong moment). -.-
  10. Banned for having not even 1 zero in your name. Hah.
  11. Banned for not joining the hypocrisy.
  12. Banned for editing your post. Koen, why would you do such an evil thing? D:
  13. Banned for still refusing to re-read.
  14. A multi-language translation, oh the joy I had with this one... This is fun. I'll try out some more, in a while.
  15. Banned for not re-reading the post.
  16. Banned for rambling about what I did wrong, while I did it perfectly right. (I <3 edit)
  17. that's because some of them are softies and others are die-hard veterans. Why did someone ever call something aglets?
  18. You use a cow to eat them for you. What's the exact definition of a game-addict?
  19. I guess I'll play some games again, I'm quite curious how this could have went into such a downfall lately.
  20. (Oh I wouldve loved to ban Koen, hehe) Banned for having too little colours in your avatar picture.
  21. My lock would only reveal two more locks, which would reveal two more, etc. unless, you have the master key, which you can only get by obtaining it from A) Playing through a mix-up of Amnesia, Haunt and other scary games, Obtaining the real-life scribblenaut pencil, which is hidden away in a place you would never look. Well, that would keep my secret food sta.... ehh, I mean, lame school books safe. *smiles nervously*
  22. Under your bed.... How does someone count to 10000000?
  23. Banned for not being from the Netherlands. And for claiming you were not hating.
  24. ^ That I think you've had some bad luck with those haters. Like I stated before, I had only sent 10 reports in my 3 years of playing LoL, even counting my beginners days at LoL. Perhaps it has turned worse in the time that I've been gone, but that's just 1 year, so that probably isn't the case.
  25. Banned for hating on newblings.