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  1. Banned for having a snorlax gif.
  2. You ate dogfood. Yuck. Why did I become this active on this forum?
  3. Banned for having the same opinion as me!
  4. It's considered one of the worst haha That's why I never want to play it, I assume everyone will hate me because I'm new Nah, it won't be that bad, just play the game and stay respectful, ignore the trolls and you'll be fine. I've played it a while ago and it's really not that bad, though I've never actively browsed their forums, so I can't say how bad that is. In the time which I have played (which was +- 3 years), I think I've reported about 10 people for abusive behaviour, which is relatively low compared to other online games I tend to play. tl;dr; Just go and play, it ain't that bad.
  5. Well, I guess it's still a good gesture... Sort of.
  6. Banned for banning a fellow Dutchie!
  7. Then you should go to your local supermarket and buy a cabbage.
  8. We are a team, I was only showing you the specifics of the case you were fighting. Sounds legit. I think I've got this though, I haven't even heard Fel himself say anything about it, haha.
  9. You, are banned for living in the Netherlands! Ha! Wait....
  10. You'll be hearing from Fell's lawyer. As soon as he will be able to copyright that, maybe. "Newbling; a word patented by "Felknight" (a.k.a. FEL) in 2009"..... so yeah I suppose that is a thing that happened. I thought we we're a team Koen... Dutchies vs. the World... But now you've betrayed me.... :'( Btw, if he patented it in 2009, he was waaaay too late, I was using that since I first started visiting forums, so I would have that patent then.
  11. You'll be hearing from Fell's lawyer. As soon as he will be able to copyright that, maybe.
  12. Hey newblings! I'm sure you guys will have fun, enjoy your stay!
  13. You should ask her, could be an interesting answer. Why won't you post in Serious Town?
  14. banned for being unoriginal.
  15. Because. Why do birds fly? (PS: haha SWag I have more posts than you in Serious Town )
  16. Banned for filling this topic up with fast-paced bans!
  17. But anyways, the story doesn't end there. There's alot more to discover, if only you would try and look beyond this world.