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  1. If you were listening to the guy over at the xbox fourms GI Snickers then hes bsing to people.... He said he found magical armor in the game... and he found the lolipop at the docks with a shoe and the fishing rod. Lolipop = DLC maybe
  2. Sign Level 99 Blue knight Insane (Some reason it didn't save for insane) Ending RANDOM!
  3. Feels like christmas , waiting till 12 am for the game to launch!! Yeah I feel the same
  4. Sleep at 11 wake up at 5 am about.. 6 hours of sleep and 4 more hours of kick balloon crashing!
  5. I bet the MS sever may crash like what happened when the CoD map pack came out XD
  6. RetroFaun add me im stayin up the entire nite to play
  7. There are 2 different lists: Xbox Live (Overall Games Also XBLA) Xbox Live Aracde List >Most likey CC can be around number ten on the overall >CC is going to be number one!
  8. When does the game release Eastern time? 3 or 4?
  9. After the game comes out I bet a bunch of people might come here to ask "How do I unlock this" or "How can I beat this boss" etc... So a bunch of people can help the new memebers who join
  10. I've gotten some of my friends into this game hopefully the Behemoth can finally pay there bills.