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  1. I haven't unlocked it yet when I'm sure I hit 50... and it seems nobody else has as well http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/showthread.php?p=5678341&posted=1#post5678341
  2. Yeah, I mean why does Hatty get to not be nude!
  3. The achievement picture to kill 100 enemies.... has a 99 on it... Why?
  4. I want to shake your hand for that. Developers should never add leaderboard related unlocks or achievements not because of difficulty purposes but cheaters and hackers RUIN EVERYTHING! It's not the developers fault... but it's best we just avoid the leaderboards to prevent stuff like that.
  5. So I haven't been to successful with it but I've managed to force myself through walls with the Orange Energy Ball. When it explodes and provides that force push effect afterwords, a jump into the push can knock you back into a wall. So far I've found nothing gamebreaking unless someone knows how to access anywhere they want with it.
  6. I had this happen. I jumped in a boat on land and held RT and it started moving oddly. I jumped out and it disabled my RT for the entire level. Was fixed next level however. Never saw this issue before.
  7. My download is taking FOREVER! Game #4 will be out by the time this finishes.....
  8. Either google search it or in the url bar where it says en-us change it to ja-jp or en-gb first two letters stand for language and the last to letters are country It's up on US page anyways so no need to view what other regions have now
  9. I bought a 3DS game (Paper Mario) and it was foolish because I needed to save money and I'll be spending the next year of my life playing BATTLEBLOCK THEATER!. EDIT: Now out in the United States
  10. Yeah somebody uploaded him to a website for download. If you know how to profile edit you can download him..... hackers gotta ruin everything....
  11. This^ I love that game so much I did the Japanese Version as well. They look so cool on my gametag.... although you can't read the other one....