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  1. hey well thanks you pretty much answer all my questions i really appreciate it. now my only qeustion that is left is when the title update is coming
  2. i would like to say that castle crashers is a good game but it has reset my account 2 times already i would enjoy playing it more if i didnt have to worry if i am just wasting my time doing all this working to lvl up my character, just to be deleted again. could you please give me my characters back? check my file because i put in alot of work to get him to that lvl, and in a matter of seconds he was deleted. my username is Vexx Phantom i had all the arena characters exept the pesant and i had a lvl 51 green knight which was the fle that was deleted, then i made a new one and i had a lvl 22 blue knight. which was also deleted last night 10/14/08 please help me and send me a message either here or on xbox live. please tell me - why this happeneds -when will you reply (if you even read this) - when will it be fixed thank you and happy castle crashing!