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  1. gender is not the same as sex. even if the knights are female by sex they are still male by gender, since they are going around making out with chicks (unless they are "experimenting") then they feel like a man inside, whether they have a penis or not, making their gender male. their sex is most def male as well though
  2. i thought this game was rated T? anyhoo, no offense to little kids but when i hear your voice over xbox live its an instant mute. its like nails on a chalkboard to me
  3. haha i was confused by that at 1st too but you gott a read through it. 99% of them are annoying but 25% of them are only annoying for attention cause they are sad. personally i think it also has to do with the fact that people are always cursing and trash talking so much on xbl that that encourages them as well. by the way i may join, im 18 (i know you said it doesnt matter ) and i try to have a good time for everyone, which means no trash talk or insults for me.
  4. 1, my super powerful red knight!
  5. you can switch to the american servers and switch back later if you want. its in the xbox settings somewhere.
  6. So you're assuming that just because he likes Dead Space he doesn't like Halo... ? You jump to conclusions too fast I guess. in his sig it shows the deadspace guy shooting Mr. Chief with a bungie label under his head
  7. Hey Marine54 i dont appreciate your sig, and im not trying to start a flame war or anything, but DEAD SPACE SUCK! haha jk but dont be dissin my boi the cheif
  8. xbox.com works perfectly fine i think. i friend requested the insane mode account (i have a lvl 80 red knight on insane and soon to have a Alien Hominid there as well)
  9. wait so your stats will only get wiped if you go online?
  10. ever since i bought castle crashers i have only seen 1 other person looking to play co-op with a random group. This is a fun game but i have almost no friends that own it... so im saying please get online and dont make games all private
  11. hey guys, im looking for the Kings Scepter, along with basically anything else thats rare (rubber handle swords, etc). I dont have anything rare to give but i would appreaciate if someone would please at least get me the Sceptor, thanks gamertag: S73VE O EDIT: just noticed Cactusboy's post so i sent him an in-game message