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  1. I recently updated to an Elite console by trading in my old one for credit towards the purchase price. After swapping out the hard drives (keeping my old one for the time being since it still has plenty of space left), I noticed the loss of data on my Castle Crashers file. My lady and I have played co-op almost through the entire game up to this point, and after loading her profile I found out that her data is all intact; only mine was lost. Mine is the primary account on the system and the one that is credited with the purchase of the game through Live. Hers is just a standard local profile without online access. I read up on the "fixes" online and found that if I do the log out/log in trick from the CC menu, all my characters, levels, weapons, etc. come back... but I have to do that every time I want to play in order to have everything there. When I exit out of the game and return to the main dashboard, going back into the game reveals that it's all gone yet again and needs to be recovered. It's a mild inconvenience to spend an extra 30 seconds to log in/out just to have everything unlocked as normal, and it will definitely be nice once a patch hits to fix the problem. Just thought I'd let y'all know the details of my encounter with the glitch. Hope it helps. My XBLA tag is the same as my name on here, by the way.