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  1. Banned for bringing the frozen in this topic ugh
  2. watch no game no life you're welcome
  3. banned for confusing the toast on the amount of salt
  4. Banned because im not smart enough to follow you guys
  5. I like how your character is just walking and walking and walking and walking and walking... o.o
  6. It's a dog indeed, i need to chang it... i like your little dragon c:
  7. Banned for not using a picture in your post
  8. Banned for misleading me for what you typed so I read cactus somehow...
  9. banned for having an egg. who is the father?
  10. because it was dipped in nutella 'extra pure chocolate' Why are there 60 seconds in a dog's watch? I always wondered...
  11. Granted, but when you open the box, it turns out they put Y instead of X in the box. I wish I had a donut wich has a square shape with a triangle hole in the middle. be different...