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  1. I really need help beating the Royal Guard campaign to get Saracen.
  2. And thank him for this great game and possibly shake his hand. Thank you!
  3. Your banned for being rude.
  4. I do but, well your banned for wanting to shoot Dan Paladin in the head
  5. Your banned for being Gray.
  6. Your banned for having an Adam Grumbo-Kelly signature that megamna made.
  7. Your banned for spamming.
  8. Banned for not playing Runescape, making fun of Michael Jackson, and being a pedophile.
  9. No that's RedBeard Frank, nothing sticky going on here.
  10. I need to unlock the Saracen to have all the people unlocked.
  11. Not sure I heard a little of one song. Eminem!