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  1. Some more Kongs for me Such as: Chunky Kong Tiny Kong Lanky Kong Funky kong etc. Or some Kremlings, that would be a dream Like Krusha or King K. Rool
  2. I couldn't believe how board I was playing Mother ship Zeta! I mean yeah they have the new environment, but it was the same stuff. (And I was going crazy to play it!) R.I.P Liberty Prime
  3. lol, you guys want 4vs4 and 32vs32 and the game can barely do 4 ppl... Asking too much?
  4. Painter = Best Boss Ever! Too bad hes dead? or is he?
  5. Have chickens roaming around the party! Or send them one that can never die anD follows them everywhere!
  6. Lots of eggs! Im hungery, mabe I should get one...or two
  7. Everyone is banned for banning someone else (including myself )
  8. Number of times we have turned on our Xbox 360
  9. Awesome post! This is going to help many users. Mabe it should be a sticky
  10. Very nice and original! I like it