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  1. I just want to start over I guess. Well, isn't resetting character data that equivalent? What are you wanting to start over?
  2. A crazy hack that makes said hacker feel..."superior"? Or something?
  3. Find people through these forums, mate. It's the best solution until a fix is out.
  4. Judging by the level simplicity (in the trailer), that is highly probable. Plus, with all the requests for one in CC, TB probably saw it as a good company maneuver.
  5. XBL, for sure. Hopping between platforms will not go unnoticed between both console users.
  6. There's still a point to play, honest! You can reset character data by going to your statistics from the main menu ( I think). "Y" button should do the trick. This is getting out of hand..
  7. CC is a great game if you have friends over a lot. Or other people who play! A nice, consistent, and well illustrated beat'em up with an enjoyable learning curve.
  8. No, no, this thread has become too silly.
  9. I'd kill for a life-sized Brute. 3' tall? Hell yeah.
  10. No, not true. Paladin has said many times that XP is determined by how many times you hit a target, not for how much damage. That's why the Boomerang glitch worked so well: it was the maximum amount of hits you could possibly do, since each hit was only 1 damage: maxing out the theoretical amount of times the Bat/Cat could be hit. Per hit, not per damage point.
  11. Bear. He's a bloody polar bear, figuratively and physically! Come on! So cute. Right? Right.
  12. It'll have to. There's a lot of expectation for Game#3, and I'm sure TB is putting a lot of hard work to make sure that the severe-awesomeness of the game goes to unknown places.
  13. Haha, very good. New Years and Bald Eagle are my favorite. Those would be cool if The Behemoth could change their logo for special occasions?
  14. Nope. Believe me, we've all tried. Nothing's there.