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  1. Donut Fun

    Announcing Game 4!

    Stamper's returning?! :'D And I'm already in love with Game 4 due to it being tied in to BattleBlock Theater. That ending will finally make sense to us now! Stamper's tease at the end of BBT is finally making sense!
  2. Gamertag: Donut Fun Head Wanted: Barbarian Payment: Yarn Time Zone: EST Suggested trade time: 11pm EST any day, preferably today (August 6th)
  3. Looking forward to the grand opening! C:
  4. Absolutely not. I'm ecstatic that BattleBlock Theater was a Game with Gold. I bought the game at launch but none of my friends ever gave the game a try but since it went free they all got it and now they love it. I've had so much fun on the game with them in the past few weeks. Going free was one of the best things ever for me.
  5. I missed BOOM! last month and I've been wanting him for a while, since he was recent I'd say a fair price is 200 gems, yeah? If that ain't enough for you, we can negotiate. Also been yearning for Cat Control. I loved the look of the playable cat characters in the very first BattleBlock Theater trailer, but since they were cut I figure Cat Control is the next best thing Price can be negotiated at time of trade. Gamertag: Donut Fun
  6. Granted, but you must run through a real-life version of BattleBlock Theater in order to attain this status. I wish I had Game 4 right now.
  7. Banned for banning someone!
  8. I'm betting that it will be part of the annual XBL Summer of Arcade, just like Castle Crashers was. So July/August.