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  1. It seems wrong to leave the 360 players high and dry, but at this point almost everyone that was passionate about the game (read: would be angry about the 360 version not being updated) has left. That said, I hope the PS3 guys luck out and never have to deal with what we had to.
  2. I've been gone for a while, but this wasn't something that was known to the public when I left. If you don't use it, you'll land when you use a your B Magic in the air. I hadn't really considered using it in melee combos, but Slowfall is certainly effective with Bomb and Necro Magic if used properly. Sadly, I just don't play this game (or even my 360) anymore; lost interest almost a year ago. I wonder what my Friends List looks like now?
  3. I actually enjoyed it, although I personally felt it took a little too long for the song to really get into the meat of the melody. As for where you could use it, it sounds like something you'd hear after the Lava World soundtrack... possibly some underground Lava Cavern... chasing the Wizard to try and stop him from resurrecting the Necromancer?
  4. They're all good characters, but I'd recommend Blue to unlock Industrialist, followed by Red.
  5. If someone's spamming juggle openers, just block their next opener and get some distance (or use that to get them into a juggle of your own).Juggling hurts in this game and is a bit too simplistic for the damage it does, but it's not an infallible strategy.
  6. If we're gonna do waves:Wave 1 to 10: Lightweights (1 LW, then 2, then 3...) Wave 11 to 17: Replace 1 LW with 1 middleweight (wave 11 is 9 LWs 1 MW, wave 17 is 3 LWs 7 MWs) Wave 18 to 21: Replace 1 MW with 1 heavyweight (wave 18 is 3 LWs, 6 MWs, 1 HW, wave 21 is 3 LW, 3 MW, 4 HW) Wave 22: Replace 1 HW with 1 MW Beefy Wave 23, 24: Add 1 MW Beefy Wave 25 to 27: Add 1 HW Beefy (at Wave 27, we have 3 LWs, 3 MWs, 3 HWs, 3 MW Beefies, and 3 HW Beefies) Wave 28 and beyond: Same mob types as 27; Increase enemy damage by 25 per round.
  7. No more hackers. Also, new stages. Industrialist King, back with a vengeance! ...perhaps he steals Orange again and tries to escape on a train... train depot raid... rooftop train fight... final battle with Cyborg Industrialist King....
  8. When you put it that way, it does sound a bit more daunting. I might mess around with it.
  9. The main reason Necro Wave 2 is hard is because it contains a varied mix of every enemy weight type in the game. Arenas enemies, while certainly faster and more aggressive, are all the same type (middleweight IIRC). Since they're all the same weight, you can use the same juggle against all of them and not have to worry about, say, a beefy grabbing you out of the air. It will probably be difficult, but I wouldn't say it's harder than Necro Wave 2.
  10. A note on magic: Magic's main purpose is not simply dealing damage (and it does... against bosses, at least). Its role is AoE utility and crowd control, which is why Red and Blue excel in these areas while most others do not. Indy and Fen are good choices, yes, but only because of the absurdly high raw damage. On another note, arguing that a specific character should be played a certain way only spreads misinformation. Every character plays the same at/after 78, and prior to 78 the only thing that really determines how you play/spend your stats is personal preference.
  11. From what I can recall, The Meat Tenderizer (? From Forest) and The Black Paddle (? From Lava Shop) are the best Level 1 and level 10(?) Strength weapons.
  12. It would've been nice if there was a character at the end of it, and it would've been nice if hackers couldn't fake their Gold Skulls, but even without the aforementioned, the challenge and thrill of victory is enough.
  13. Melee. My reasoning should be self-explanatory at this point.
  14. Oh?BTW Feedle, boomeranging isn't really taboo any more. TBH, if I had to go back again and level my characters again for whatever reason, I'd probably just boomerang them to 60 and go from there. It's just a time-saver, unlike 256ing which breaks the game. It's kind of sad that it's gotten to this point, but we can't change what Behemoth won't fix.
  15. IIRC, arena points are determined by kills. One kill = one point.