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  1. Looking forward to it! I assume that that people only stay for one game to allow others to get in?
  2. I've been following them since the release of Alien Hominid. Joined the forums 5 years ago and have been on and off since then.
  3. Well we have some good news coming in. Final week of this college semester is coming up and I'll be having much more free time open for dicking around here.** Whether you guys like it or not. **note: This statement should not be taken literally. Sicko
  4. Wow, nice art man! I really hope dan sees your gift. With some refinement and color it could pass off as a promotional art
  5. Nice avatar, I see that you quite enjoy corroding people. Too bad the nerfzooka is the best
  6. On demand class for any time of the day.
  7. It all depends on your loadout and how well you can dodge shots. If you can get good items then it can become much easier. But yeah I can firmly agree that the game can be unforgiving. I barely finished a Blue Baby run since all he lives on is soul hearts scarce as they are. Anyways, hardest game I've played? Probably has to be any fighting game I've ever played. Sometimes I just haven't got the patience to learn and master combos so many of the higher leveled players end up steamrolling through me.
  8. Why hello there great and mighty Pocket! I wonder what I may find in your contents, Lint? A nickle? Or possibly a succulent piece of candy? Oh the merriment! But I digress. I'll be sure to get to know every one of you sooner or later.
  9. Hey everyone new and old! Yeah that's probably the case with things I tried looking for anything prior to 2012 but nothing came up. Yeah, I'll try to be more active and not be one of those people who just leave. Yeah I've gotten better. Still don't have a tablet sadly so it's still mousework here.
  10. Been trying to beat the Binding of Isaac with the Blue Baby but issue of not taking any hits is just becoming too much of a problem. After I reformat the internet on my Xbox I'll be sure to pick up Battleblock as well.
  11. Hello folks. Not sure how many of you guys (or if any at all) will remember me but with college starting up and me becoming busy with life and stuff I wasn't able to continue being an active member showing up less and less. Well? I'm back! Hopefully to be here for many a time to come.
  12. You guys can add me up here And my skype is novastar117
  13. Well the animated Battleblock characters I made in MS paint (usually the best/simplest program for spriting) then I went into GIMP and made it into a gif file using the layers as frames. From there I posted it on photobucket and then here. With the post count pic it was from old thread (not quite sure if it's still up).
  14. Yeah I pop in and out every so often. Happy to hear you like them! Just a small update this time. Album cover for a real life friend's EP (Episode) he's making. This rather was just made for fun (and is too large for the forum)
  15. Well sorry that I wasn't on there yesterday. Funny enough I was on my xbox. The thing I'm trying to say here is that we need to have more organizing when it comes to adding other's gamertags/steams (not including Milk and Fel) since I'm not sure if it's any different from your Behemoth account :\ But anyways I can be on for the entire night. 7-12 est
  16. Well if this is going to work out then I'll be up for it. I have (for the Xbox): -All the CoD games -All the Halo's (except Anniversary) -Both L4Ds -Borderlands -Battlefield BC2 and 3 -CC And for the PC: -TF2 -Terreria -CSS -Gmod -Alien Swarm -Spiral Knights My tag is NovaStar117 and my steam is NovaStar92
  17. Other than my headache and stuffiness I deem this a successful Christmas! Got various hoodies and a pair of new shoes (and even a few games as well) but what I am really eager for is get the t-shirt I made for my friend/crush from the shop. I really hope she likes it.
  18. Oh dear god what have I stumbled upon... it's.... it's BEAUTIFUL!
  19. Made this thread is for all my non fan-art well... art. These varies from Pixel Art to Digital drawings to the less than common freehand. Now I won't be including my old stuff for you few who where here long before since I've improved quite a bit. So far I only have these but expect more to arrive. Just getting a general sprite style going on with this. I chose to start with a self portrait in a sense since I thought it would be quite interesting. A Fakemon sprite intended for a fangame but was put on ice for reasons unknown to me. Well then again disregarding the first statement I actually have a few examples of how my signatures are now.
  20. Thanks for the feedback! Well I guess I'll try to think up of new sprites to do and other assortment of art. I'm open to any suggestions such as style and such. (And no I still don't have a tablet) I'll be sure to but any non related art in the Creation forum so don't you worry.
  21. Well there goes what's left of my waning innocence. "Of course, back in my day we called it tickling the weeping mushroom." "Of course, back in my day we called it waxing the pocket dolphin." But then again it could just be my mind being in the gutter as it tends to do.
  22. Of course I would. Just pick me up at no later than 7. Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?
  23. Well since I don't see the reason to post another thread for a new work I'll post it here. Just got back into pixel art and made this to replace my Missie Mastar signature. Everything you see is from scratch.
  24. Well daaaw isn't that cute... well anyways I see your creepy obsession of all things Japanese is still present I see. Made this just a few minutes ago.vv