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  1. Banned because i just got back on and feel like banning someone
  2. Banned for trying to make someone live in the forest
  3. I do find it alittle annoying but i get over it
  4. Banned for being a true oximoron
  5. Banned for being a chicken lover
  6. Banned for not being observant.... banned for uhhhhh uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh BECAUSE I FEEL LIKE IT
  7. Banned for not playing the game and i have a question when the heck was this thread created
  8. banned for not wanting it to be easy
  9. then i ban you for banning yourself i ban myself for banning someone who banned themself i ban myself for banning myself i ban myself for banning myself for banniing myslef what
  10. your banned for having a fat bird as your avatar you're banned for insulting your own mother. banned for insulting family