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  1. This. My girlfriend and I love playing this game on the couch in Co-op, and the view isn't big enough to show our armies at the same time. We have to take turns controlling the camera so we can make our moves, which gets infuriating because we both continually forget that we have to wait.
  2. Well, it's been almost a year since the game came out. It's been known since then that the heads would re-release at some point. Even though I got most of the heads when they initially launched (damn you, cyber monday!) I don't mind that they are starting to come out of the vault again.
  3. I believe that one of the heads, or the the last head, will be a cake head celebrating the birthday of Battle Block Theater. The reason why I say this is because of the tweet from The Behemoth. https://twitter.com/thebehemoth/status/424956245053677568 "The 6th prisoner is a myth." Very similar to "the cake is a lie" meme from Portal.
  4. When was it released? I never got it. Edit: Crap… Cyber Monday. The one star head I missed.
  5. Was the Present head the free head this week, or was that the equivalent of finding the garbage bag of presents in your parents closet?
  6. I've tried to do local and Xbox Live versions of FFP and it said that I could not connect to the servers. This has been happening for the last 2 days. Is there something going on with the servers or is there something I can do to remedy this?
  7. "Clench your butt, this isn't going to be good!" "Use your creativity to ruin someones day, maybe even their week!" "MYYAAA! See?" "There were explosions and dancing girls, dancing girls who exploded!" "Try to keep a sunny disposition as you sink further into darkness, nobody likes a cry baby." "I admire your tenacity, truly I do! Fo'sho!" "It's more dangerous than calling a girl chubby! (Oh my god!)"
  8. Hello. I'm having issues with some achievements. I should have unlocked them, but I haven't. I've used every weapon hitting, killing, exploding, whatever the weapons do and still have yet to unlock that achievement. Also, I have 69 prisoners unlocked in my stats, but I haven't gotten the Free 50 prisoners achievement. If anyone has any information that might be helpful, that would be great. Thanks!
  9. Did you complete all levels including the Finale? When I did it with a friend, it only unlocked after the finale.
  10. Is it the same prisoner for both normal and insane or is there two separate ones for each? A friend and I just finished the normal, and we are very hesitant to start the insane run.