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  1. GIMP can do that??!!!??!! O.o im a linux user and i had no idea GIMP had that kind of more of a quark and illustrator user myself...but then again im a graphic designer
  2. ok let me clear alot up...TORRENTS ARE NOT ILLEGAL!!!!!!! many companies like sony and linux distributions use torrents to release the product to the public...its a fast and cheap way of putting the product out there because you dont need a server, it is also a good way for indie developers and artists can go out and distribute their game or album for free...HOWEVER... it is the people that decide, Hey lets upload this movie to a torrent site that we didnt make and give it to people so they dont have to pay for it...that is what is illegal... so torrents are NOT illegal, downloading software and music, etc. that is SUPPOSED to be purchased is illegal...
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    NO! We are not getting into this again...ok why not... banned for banning me for triple banning
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    banned for triple banning
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    Banned for your sig missing something...not sure what it is tho
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    Banned for *insert reason here*
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    banned cuz your avatar scares the hell out of me
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    banned for reasons foretold by the prophecies
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    banned for being a member 11 hours longer then me!
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    banned for not using an original idea for banning people...
  11. i think it should be a whole gift box we send out....we could send it to the NG office, cuz i think you can get the PO box...or something...cuz i wouldnt mind doing a clay sculpture of one if the crashers