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  1. It can be done on the PC too, plug in multiple controllers. PCs are capable of almost everything the Xbox is.
  2. Thing is, you can hook your computer up to a TV, and you can use a wireless controller with your computer, and you can sit on a comfy couch while using your computer. EVERYONE has a computer, but not everyone has an Xbox, and not everyone wants to pay to play online (regardless of how little it may be). It's quite simply broadening the available market to release it on PC.
  3. However now that they've done a PC release they have a better idea of not only how to do it, but how successful it might be.
  4. I've been eagerly awaiting this game since it was announced, and I fully expect to absolutely love the game, but... I don't even use my Xbox, nor do we have a convenient setup to link it to the internet, nor do I even nearly intend to pay for Xbox Live to play with the single friend I know who will be buying it on Xbox. What I'm saying is that Castle Crashers seems to have been reasonably successfull on PC, and considering that porting from Xbox to PC probably isn't that hard since I imagine Microsoft would have intentionally designed it that way, it would be great if BBT was released on PC. I, for all intents and purposes, don't have an Xbox, yet I would absolutely love to get this game. And I've already waited, what, three, four years? I wouldn't mind another six months or so to allow for the conversion. I'll be extremely disappointed if it isn't released on PC, because I've looked forward to it for a long time. Please, giant chicken, think of the childrens Q-Q
  5. ..I think you're trying too hard.
  6. Those last 3 were good as! ... llsize.jpg Looks kind of like... Tipped to the side
  7. Interesting idea. Victoria. Looks kinda like the front half of a Pelican (facing right) in flight with a full neck pouch. Couldn't find a good picture though.
  8. HAHAHAH! THE BUG STILL EXISTS!! *sigh* Sometimes developers phale
  9. I imagine it'd be ludicrously high str bonus, with big def detriment. I mean, chainsaws are by no means safe to use! And probably a magic and speed detriment.
  10. Hahhahaha, awesome. I had no idea lice were snakes ._0
  11. Why her shoe? It's her HAIR that poisons you, not her feet.
  12. An epic one, that's what kind. I can't understand what you're saying because there is love hearts everywhere. Lurker was bad, but I guess now he's an angel.. More of a Cherub really.
  13. Err... That's not exactly a COMMON term dude, I personally know that that means good, but I can't imagine many people do.