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  1. lol4ever

    Friends with so little gamerscore in this game Only ones I need are Mad Hatter and Head Chomper. Game's fun, but these aren't.
  2. lol4ever

    Alien Hominid On Steam

    I totally support this. Also I want AH in CC for Steam!
  3. lol4ever

    Castle Crashers on Steam?

    So who's gonna go start the petition? I'm not good at writing so it's probably the best someone else does.
  4. lol4ever

    Castle Crashers on Steam?

    What if we made a petition? Like Dark Souls I already own Castle Crashers on my 360. However, I abandoned this console because of annoying monthly subscriptions and poopy exclusives (besides Castle Crashers ofc). Even bought the 360 for Castle Crashers.
  5. lol4ever

    Trading Thread= Borderlands

    I could need a good SMG with ammo that regenerates. I could offer some other cool weps.
  6. lol4ever


    i want them endure too. gt is lol4ever93
  7. lol4ever

    Counter-Strike Source

    im a noob but if i find some time and interest we could play them geams
  8. lol4ever

    Brutal Legend, Brutal Multiplayer (or some other catchy titl

    what he said. but when im done im good for a fight!
  9. lol4ever

    The Maggot Munchers

    troll is a maggot. back to topic: Maggots. I'm in.
  10. lol4ever

    XBOX360 PARTY!!!

    my gt is lol4ever93 tell me when theres a party
  11. lol4ever

    Get together and play Borderlands

    GT: lol4ever93 have characters from lvl 12-26 lvl 26 mordecai
  12. lol4ever

    Funniest gamertags youve seen

    "Killerkackwurst" its german and means : Killerpoo
  13. lol4ever


    i used to play it too. it was my very first mmorpg and i loved it.
  14. lol4ever

    Get together and play Borderlands

    im gonna get it at christmas so you can kinda write down my name too
  15. lol4ever


    hi i got that poopy tube tv where you cant see the text that good... is it a hard to read the text in borderlands on those tvs?