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  1. A castle crashers 2 would be nice....
  2. I Dont know what to do to get a brute. what do i do?
  3. All of you guys have nice art. Contest deadline is the end of may(That should be enough time)
  4. Just some random stuff i did. BTW If you dont like the fact that i draw sonic related stuff most often, then to bad. Credit to the coloring and outlines to my friend from school.
  5. Ok here how it works. Make the Dragon Red because its my favorite Color and 2, It has to be some type of Dragon. Maybe even a Dragon CC Character! You can even use the picture of a dragon in my Avatar/Profile pic. Be creative. i will give categories to the runner-ups. Babbity_Rabbity Nakkaru Mechazeep Scarler193 Colliflower
  6. Well do something worthwhile and do it now! (Puppy dog eyes) please?
  7. I think you should chose the winners by categories. Like most original and Most cool looking and Funniest Etc..... just some ideas
  8. Castle crashers 2? naw! bad idea! CC doesnt seem like the game to have a sequel.
  9. Tsk Tsk Tsk. 1 Question. Why would you try to steal someones art and claim it your own? I hate people like you man they make me so freakin mad! You better explain yourself! You might get sued for this. I hope dan and all of us taugh you a good leason.
  10. 1.go hit yourself with a hammer 2.go hit yourself with a sledge hammer 3.pee in your neighbors yard 4.prank call 911 5.break your 360 6.go kill your loved ones 100 times on 10 different websites thats have foruns 8.sleep for a week without waking up 9.dont eat for a weak 10.look at the sun until you go blind 11.cry because when game 3 comes out, you cant play it cause your blind 12.BOW DOWN BEFORE ME! GOD OF THE GODS OF THE EARTH! 13.can i borrow $20?
  11. govinster

    Kyo's Sig Emporium

    can you make me a sig? i had this sig for 3 months and i feel like changing! if you can, can you make me jouste necromancer with my name?
  12. defeating the necromancer! i just love that music!
  13. your never on! by the way, when you see me in CC, youll notice i have the following challenges done: Challenge Name:Money,Money,Money Date made:11/28/08 Description:Get 10,000 coins Players:Solo Difficulty: Name: Lady Luck loves you get exactly 777 in the last 3 digits of your cash Players: 1 Difficulty: Name: Im gonna name you Maxi How: Get your first character to lvl 72 with all maxed stats players: any Difficulty:
  14. darn i like red knight! well green knight will have to do
  15. looks bad! very bad! im sorry but i had to say what i think of it! i cant lie dude! sorry but you need work!
  16. im still wondering how am i gonna record my challenges! my camera is broken! comp0 i have an idea(but you may not like it), for some challenges,you can play with me online and watch me do the challenge. if you dont want to do that, thats fine but i cant show the proof without a camera.