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  1. true, my advice is geared toward 2-player games, which is what i would mostly play where the chance of fatality is much greater when the potion is not selected. just a rule of thumb, it's good to have the potion selected and ready to use. it may just save your life and your position in the game...
  2. for me, even though i'm in a multiplayer game, i would make sure to have the potion icon selected from the item menu if my health is low. that way, if all of your friends die in a multiplayer situation (for example) you'll have the option to use a potion right away if needed. i found this technique to be quite useful, and it has saved me and my friends in certain near-death situations.
  3. after 23 tries, i believe you should have the rest of the ship memorized from the point where the timer starts to the end. that being the case, you should anticipate each part, by knowing and expecting what's ahead as you run through: 1. after you kill that huge group of aliens, prepare yourself for the timer. position yourself right in front of that machine, then destroy the machine to break the force field. it takes 4 hits to break the machine. 2. as soon as the timer starts after the big alien launches from the seat, quickly move toward the bottom and attack the next machine quickly to break the force field, since you don't have agility it is recommended to use magic to break it. don't go all the way to the bottom, or else you'll miss the machine. the quicker you break the force field, the more time you'll have to reach the end. 3. for the first set of aliens, i believe it would be easier to use magic as an aoe (area of effect) to kill more than one alien at a time from long range, but if you can melee attack them without getting hit from their gunshots try to strike them quickly since they only die from one swing. 4. after you kill the first set of aliens, you'll be faced with the steam vents on the ground. i would position myself toward the bottom for this part (you don't have to, but that's just how i do it). this part takes a little practice to run through without getting hit. it takes a little patience by recognizing the steam pattern. you should run through in quick bursts, running as soon as the steam drops in front of you and immediately stopping before the next vent. if you time it right, you can run past more than one vent at a time. 5. repeat step 3 above for the second set of aliens, trying to kill those aliens quickly without getting hit. i would try to kill them away from the back end of the steam vents, or you'll risk getting hit by the steam if you get too close. using aoe magic would be effective in killing them from long range, since they tend to run backward by the steam vents when they come out. if you took no damage and didn't fall at this point (maybe falling once or twice), you'll have enough time to reach the door at the end.
  4. hmm, i guess nobody really has anything to say about it or nobody cares? wish i could go in-game and fix those silence gaps myself...
  5. Not sure if this has been mentioned before (tried using the search engine for posts, no results), but I've noticed that the in-game music does not exactly loop on point. There's a mere silence gap in between the beginning and ending of the audio as it loops and repeats throughout the game. Is that something that could potentially be fixed? Or, is that just how the game music naturally is (i.e. the music originally loops on point, but the audio programming for the game causes the silence gap)? Being a music artist myself, I've always been curious about this.
  6. As far as I can tell, it's for fixing a few things. I'm just not sure of all the things specifically. One of the noticeable fixes is the added music that was previously missing when opening a treasure chest after killing a boss. Other than that, not sure what else has been updated. I initially thought that this patch would be announced, but haven't found anything on the site or this forum. Or, even elsewhere (google, etc.). Unless, I missed it?
  7. Hello all. I looked for information about this, but haven't found anything about a new patch that has just been released. Is there any details on what this patch has fixed specifically? Just curious...
  8. someone has to pull excalibur from the stone again. more info (link below) ... ndle_Sword
  9. yep, they say more stuff than the xbox 360 version. i noticed something about going into the weapon frog. you'll notice there's short bursts of tiny "earthquakes" inside the frog. those quakes are from the blacksmith hammering on the anvil outside. and if you look at the roof of the weapon frog as you enter, you'll see its heart, pulsating as the blacksmith hammers on the anvil. that's most likely why weapon frog is shedding a tear in its left eye
  10. imo it wouldn't matter. just the fact that a character is Pink would increase the chances that female gamers would want to play that character. Yay stereotypes. I'm a girl, and it would slightly decrease my willingness to play after what you said. lol well, just thought i'd mention, there are also males that like the color Pink too...but now that would be going off topic. in a factual sense, i'm curious to see a poll or percentage of how many males vs how many females like the color Pink.
  11. I laughed w/'s true. i mean, c'mon spike...snow ball...they both do the same thing, correct?
  12. imo it wouldn't matter. just the fact that a character is Pink would increase the chances that female gamers would want to play that character.
  13. no, this is not off topic. you are incorrect. it's because females like the color Pink. get it? and the color Pink would tend to indicate that the character could possibly be female. for example, look up the Pink Power Ranger, here's a link: there's also a topic on this, go here: viewtopic.php?f=7&t=11300