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  1. My Gamertag (Mad Fisher) was thought up by my uncle as it was originally going to be a shared XBox Live account. The most sense out of it is that I am crazy (I have Tourettes), and my uncle likes fishing. My username on the other hand, comes from the old days when I used to play Runescape. My nickname from many people was Sethy Boy, so I tried to use sethyboy in runescape. Unfortunately, sethyboy was taken and the suggestions were names like sethyboy92697 or sethyboy29573. I then noticed at the very bottom that sethyboy0 wasn't taken, and I thought that was reasonable My Maplestory private server name is Perntarf. I originally was thinking of random names, and I came up with Poontar. Somehow, that name was stopped by the censor, so I came up with Perntarf instead. I try not to have numbers in my name, as I don't really like them.
  2. Banned for sounding like /b/
  3. Bye bye my sweet time-saving boomerang Hello social playing
  4. The machine pukes out the money because it can not eat that much. *Inserts a smiley *
  5. Begin Micheal Jackson's son ending humping Obama the fake banana.
  6. Banned for having an avatar in which the Blue Knight has had some negative peer pressure.
  7. Banned because I felt like it.
  8. Banned for agreeing with me.
  9. Banned for lacking an avatar... and hatred.
  10. Banned (for the umpteenth time) for not having a signature...
  11. Banned for pwning someone.
  12. I always get too hot while I'm trying to fall asleep... even in these crappy temperatures. Then I always take off a sheet and blanket, and I'm asleep in about an hour after I go to bed. 7 hours of sleep FTW...