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  1. You can add me to the list. I got it back in June.
  2. Joined it back in June. My buddy and I started it in April. 3 months of torture. GT: Crescendo 11
  3. I have the full A++ purple bar. It has a white wavelength going through it.
  4. I second this. ;D Already got it done, but nothing unlocked.
  5. Chapter 7 is where you'll start ripping your hair out.
  6. I can confirm that Chapter 8: Encore 2 can be soloed in insane co-op mode with strategic use of the dart gun in the top right corner section of the map. After riding the two animal blocks to the left wall shoot a dart at the left wall. Jump on it, then jump in the air and shoot a second dart at the wall, making sure it is high enough so you can jump above the saw blade without hitting it. After reaching the top, you will reach a section where your partner would normally have to throw you to the right. Instead, shoot a dart directly in from of you so it hits the wall directly below the saw blade, and jump on. Now the fun part. Know how you can sometimes land on the corner of a spike block without dying? Yeah. Double jump over the saw blade and try to aim for the left corner of the spike block. It's easier than it sounds and with a bit of practice, it can be done consistently. After landing, shoot a dart at the wall in front of you (the blocks that disappear after hitting the switch) and use it to climb over to the switch. After stepping on it, the animal block will move to the left, then back to the right. AS SOON as the animal block begins to enter the area where the two black blocks were, jump over the saw blade and IMMEADIATELY start hugging the right wall. As long as you hold right, you'll be able to reach the checkpoint without hitting the spikes every time. As this part of the level is the hardest, I recommend doing it first. The rest of the level is relatively easy.
  7. Use acid bubbles as shortcuts frequently. They levels and certain gems much easier. You can also use the boomerang to grab gems and yarn balls from far away to save time. For co-op, you and your partner should use acid bubbles extensively to fly through levels. A lot of the co-op sections, such as throwing your partner across a gap or pulling them up a ledge, can be skipped or done solo simply by jumping off of acid bubbles. This means you won't have to wait for each other and can move on ahead. Releasing a frog bomb and jumping off of it can also be used to clear certain large gaps instead of waiting for your partner to throw you. The darts from the dart gun can also be used to create ledges to make certain jumps easier or to climb up walls.
  8. It was Insane co-op that took so long. My friend and I started that back in April. Chapter 8 was not fun.
  9. Just finished getting all A++ ranks on all levels in all four modes a few minutes ago. My A++ bar is now shining, but sadly nothing else was unlocked. I was expecting at least a new star head. Oh well.
  10. Finished Insane solo with an A++ ranking on all levels, including all encores and secret levels. Not looking forward to Insane co-op.
  11. This has happened to me as well.
  12. I think they represent the achievements you've unlocked. 30 lights: one for each achievement.
  13. I just beat insane solo with A++ rankings on all levels, including encores and secret levels. Chapter 8 was...not fun.