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  1. Banned for trying to put in something that's totally different. CONFORM.
  2. "specifically non-specific"? If afraid I'm gonna have to ban that. Too confusing.
  3. Banned for using the incorrect form of your/you're.
  4. Who? jk (R.I.P. Steve Irwin) Would you kindly?
  5. Granted, your wishes are now invisible. I wish.
  6. Banned for kicking him while he was down. Way to go, bully.
  7. Banned because if your mind has been blown, you no longer have a mind and you are either dead, or a zombie. Or you may have possibly just listened to Master Exploder.
  8. Banned because your reason for banning him was a lack of reason.
  9. Osmosis is the diffusion of water through a permeable or semi-permeable membrane. Banned for thinking I didn't know that. Banned again for calling me a smartass. Unbanned because I am a smartass.
  10. I do not get anything. This confuses me. After thinking of all possible reasons as to why I got nothing I realize that if I do not stop thinking soon my head will deflate from using up my Random Thought Power. I solemnly pledge never to think about anything again. Unfortunately, my head explodes a year later because all the Random Thought Power built up in my head until the pressure was too much for my head to handle. I drop a really long response like the one I have written directly above this sentence explaining what I am dropping.
  11. Banned for not taking into consideration the possibility that he might not have had the time to include the aforementioned punctuation in his response.
  12. banned for disrespecting the word "the" by changing it to "da" in your name.