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  1. I heard it's because Dan insists on testing everything himself and won't let anyone else play the game. Even the 16-player multiplayer.
  2. I'm pretty okay at this game. Add me at Sandsweptzag.
  3. Lurkers! >:U You guys are quick. Hope you like it! (Let your friends know if you do!)
  4. Oh yes, we released on Monday. Sorry about not spending much time here, I'm so busy these days. We've been working on this game for... Let's say, far too long. Here's some free codes for those of you who do the Steamy thing. Share em around if no one takes em, not sure how much activity this thread has gets. 7AZH2-AVAPV-FIRHL F90BY-8549X-YTMHW V20EC-39EEA-Q7EEV JB0TJ-NYZ2V-9GNNV LF0WI-0T7PF-KLCNV We're offering support on this forum if you run into issues (as you may, it can be buggy, we're fixing stuff!) ... php?f=1126 And over at Enjoy!
  5. It's actually coming out for Steam. The X360 version has been post-poned until we can take the time for a port or make the decision whether or not it's even worth our time. We're focusing on our PC release right now. It's scheduled for Quarter 2, which means April, May, June. Any time in there. We'll announce the date and release pretty quickly thereafter. (You should probably hang around our forums and website if you want reminders when that gets close.) Thanks for the interest guys! It's nice to know it looks halfway decent!
  6. UPDATE: It's out! Psst, check the last post. Hey guys! We over at Sandswept released our first Dev Vlog yesterday showing off our gameplay and all that stuff. Let me know what you guys think! (of my sexy voice) I mean the game.
  7. Thanks guys! I hope you check it out when it releases and follow us all you'd like.
  8. Hey guys! If any of you peruse a certain other website you might find this post too. Retyping is sooo old school. So here's my copy and pasta-sauced post from elsewhere... I'm so tired right now. Some of you know me, a lot of you don't. Been around for awhile, not much recently due to work and all that. Anyway, my team and I have been working for about 2 years now on DETOUR within my startup studio, Sandswept, and we've just announced tonight that it's coming to Steam. I was pretty blown away when the guys at Valve set up our official Steam store page. Things get very real, very suddenly. I have no intention of this post being an advertisement or a blog, I just have to share my thoughts. (Yeah, I'll probably make a better post on my blog later.) Pretty incredible all the stuff we've gone through to get to this point. Startups are hard. For any one curious, DETOUR was created using Microsoft's XNA, which a lot of indie and hobby developers use to get a game out. The point and quality we've made it to astounds even me at times. Also just wanted to post a message; All you guys and girls who want to be professional game developers, it can be done. Just find the best place to start for you and stick with it. [tacky]Don't give up on your dreams.[/tacky] Anyway, still waiting for the personal and in-studio excitement to die down, but right now it's just incredible. Hope you guys will like it when it releases sometime relatively soon! We've all put a lot of work into making this a reality, and it's still a bit surreal for me this evening. I guess this post is an attempt to help put it in perspective for me. So, what do you guys think?
  9. I got the WoW Cataclysm beta invite today. I've only got a level 47 character though, so I'm not entirely sure what to do. I certainly don't want to copy a premade character to the realm (level 85, which would totally ruin the game for me, since I have yet to actually entirely explore Outlands/Northrend, and never have had a flying mount), and I'm not really interested in playing my level 47 on the public test realm (0nly to lose all the progress after the beta ends)) Maybe I'll just try a Worgen and Goblin character, see how that works out.
  10. I feel like... You know, I really don't know what this makes me feel like. It makes me want to go watch some anime, though.
  11. SND Zag1


    Played the trial, but a $15 price tag turns me off of it. $5, maybe (maybe) $10 and I'd grab it. It's pretty great. The atmosphere is nice, and I jumped a foot in the air the first time I accidentally walked over the bear traps.
  12. TF2 is a good game, that's for sure. Add me on Steam: SS_Zag1