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  1. I have N+, it has a big problem with how it saves too, if you get it, always go to the main menu and hit return to arcade when your done
  2. they only lower your damage, i dont think your skill every increaases it
  3. haha i just like to argue btw, you just trying to twist your words which were obviously hostile and make yourself seem inoccent
  4. i guess hes one of those orbs that is only goo depending on the level, like the seahorse
  5. the hawk is better though O.o
  6. Hey, I'm not saying they can't spend all their waking hours playing the game, more power to em if that's the case. I wish I could hit the lottery and spend all day gaming, reading, watching, ****ing, smoking, drinking and eating. All I'm saying is that people can play the game any which way they please, and it's lame (and a little pathetic) to dog the people who use the boomerang glitch, just because some people have hours upon hours to sit and level up dozens of characters without using the glitch. I only have time for one game at a time, right now that game is Fable 2 so unfortunately I won't be playing much CC for a while, sucks really, but I probably won't have ANY characters at level 99, I'm cool with my Green Knight at level 76 (I think). Unless of course there is an achievment for reaching level 99. Is there? insulting people for insulting people makes you a hypocrite. You also said that people playing the game alot and getting alot of characters to high levels w/o the boomarang glitch is a waste of time in another post. in here you said that you dont care if they do which means your contradicting yourself. if your going to have to get mad at a group of people, at least have the guts to stick with your opinion. Also, why respond to the post that wasnt really even about my main point? lastly, no there isnt an achievment for a level 99 character
  7. A master debater? yes! what movie was that from?
  8. Edit button, please. And calm down on the flaming yeah i sorta forgot about the edit button and im not flaming im debating, i dont agree with him. If i was flaming id be swearing at him
  9. One more thing, Enemies always roll after the get knocked down and i can never do that. Is it possible for a player to roll out?
  10. I decided to make my thief leveel up agility all the way, and i found out how amazing the bow was. It shoots four times as fast as magic and never runs out, and it does around 28 damage a hit. Is it just me or is agility the best skill?
  11. AHHHHHHH you just ruined where it was for me!!
  12. (if your lazy, dont read this paragraph, read the one under it) i think it depends on what your doing the boomarang glitch for. for example, if you made it to level 78(all stats would be maxed for anyone that didnt know) and you dont feel like playing the game forever to get a few more levels that dont make a major differance then i can understand. However, i think people who take characters and level them up to 99 and brag about it are idiots. There is no real accomplishment in it(besides wasteing a good amount of time). I personally would rather play the game and level up that way then repeat the exact same thing over and over again(yes, im aware that playing the full game alot would still end in a few repatitions, but it still gives you long breaks between playing the same thing). anyways, the main thing im trying to say is, using the boomarang glitch doesnt give you any right to brag, if you find it boring, then you are wasteing more time then actually playing the game.
  13. as long as they dont use the boomarang glitch till level 78 it doesnt make much of a differnce if they ddo
  14. the weight of the behemoth chicken in tons