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  1. Banned for having less than 155 posts
  2. Banned because we all know that you secretly want to be an admin.
  3. Banned because I randomly visited the forums again and it was the exact two year anniversary of when I signed up for this!
  4. noblepeanut

    Xbox One

    I don't get why it is such a problem to one-up each other because big gamers with the money will just get both, and Xbox fans will get the Xbox while PlayStation fans will get the PlayStation, all they have to fight over is the people that aren't huge fans of either of them or they are, but they can't afford to get both.
  5. Banned because I'm not apart of the dark side, I don't want cookies I want DONUTS.
  6. Banned because editing is a cheaty way of getting around cheating!
  7. Banned for only having an A in cornering.
  8. Banned because my speed isn't that good, but my cornering is perfect!
  9. I have a good question, why does it seem like all users want to become moderators, is it because you are looked better upon by others, or is it that u get more responsibility and power over others. I personally don't want to become a mod just because I feel like I would mess up somehow than get blamed by everyone.
  10. But Memor I don't want to get banned! So I'm gonna ban u first before u ban me.
  11. noblepeanut

    Xbox One

    I personally didn't like bf3 because I just really sucked at it, so I won't be getting bf4.
  12. Banned for not understanding that the people don't understand that they do understand that truly somewhere deep down inside they do understand the logic behind these words, because I sure don't.
  13. noblepeanut

    Xbox One

    Well that's a given lol Don came on stage at E3 and the way he presented himself and the product the entire show and after really played a big part into the reaction online everywhere. Then when Sony saw the reaction they reversed their policies in secrecy and emphasized everything gamers wanted, now I always hear people say "omg ur gettin an xbone but y M$ betrayed u". MS is a business, just like Sony. I never said that Sony was better if that's what you thought I said, I just think that Microsoft pissed some people off with some of what they did which made Sony look better. I actually have a lot of faith in Microsoft to make the Xbox one amazing.