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  1. Memor, sorry I was looking at the wrong time on the converter, and this time im pretty sure you meant pm. So yes that is a good time thanks. Edit: I put am instead of pm, that would have been 3 in the morning for me sorry. Hey Chaos, thanks for offering, but Memor said he could give me one, but thanks for offering!
  2. By the converter I think that means three for me, which is around now, so ill be on.
  3. Thanks Memor, do you think you can be on around 4:30 PST? If not, what time would work for you?
  4. Hello, so I usually try to get all the new heads, but I was 2 days late to get the Steamroll prisoner. If anyone has an extra and could help me out, I'd really appreciate it! Thanks!
  5. Why would you wait 30 minutes! Because I really wanted to play ball game...
  6. I once waited 30 minutes in the gift shop so this guy could beg another one for a star head. One of the most annoying things in the game. It's hard to find a lobby were people want to actually play the gamemode.
  7. That looks great dude! I like your art style, can't wait to see the full animation.
  8. I have to say, this is probably one of the most difficult features!
  9. Here's a thread sorta like this. The guy had a lot more heads though. http://forums.thebehemoth.com/index.php?/topic/15109-a-hacker-with-secret-heads/
  10. Nobody is going to trade their chicken head now. I logged in after a long vacation from TBF for the sole purpose of making this post. I was at my mom's house during the release, where I have no Xbox, so I couldn't play it until the chicken was already gone. It may be just a little thing, but the Behemoth and its emblem (which just so happens to be my favorite animal ever) mean a lot to me. I threw a huge fit when I figured out that I had missed any sort of "limited edition" thing for what I want to consider my favorite game. I will be absolutely devastated if I can't get the chicken head. (I hope this heartfelt post will make a profound and meaningful impact on your life, and possibly persuade you to rerelease the chicken just for me, and then give me all your delicious merchandise for free, and then write me a song.) The chicken is special but it wont be if everyone has it hope they dont re-release it but hope you get it through a trade or something. Sadly (But good for others) they re released the chicken head for this weekend. I guess its a good thing for those who didn't have the chance to get it, but for those of us who did on the first week, its not really special anymore. So if you didn't get it, go ahead and get it now.
  11. Not sure if you saw yet, but the chicken was re released and all you have to do is log in.
  12. That would be good, but if someone really has to leave, I don't think that would be really fair.
  13. Edit: So I tried to upload 2 photos, but it somehow deleted my cat guard one. Oh well, heres my Hatty build.
  14. So I was wondering about the accounts used to trade heads from local profiles. Can the accounts be regular user profiles (sign-ins), or do they have to be silver live members? So if the other account wanted a special castle crashers head, the could play it, get the achievement, and get the head. Just want to know a clarification on how all this works. Thanks!