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  1. AcidGlow

    Necromancer FAQ

    Boo hoo. Here's a diaper. Use it.
  2. AcidGlow

    necromancer map pack

    Welcome to 7 months ago.. MAP PACK? LOL. You clearly don't know... Never.
  3. AcidGlow

    Necromancer FAQ

    Necro doesn't use Dark Magic. Necros B Magic is the exploding skeleton which can only hit 1 target, just like everyone else's B magic. Y magic is his underground hands that are unblockable and do multi hits and they hit multiple targets. The Wizard Minion has Dark Magic exactly like the Skeleton. Probably something piss balloon useless.. like 90% of the animals on that list..
  4. pink knight... what the f*ck is wrong with you people.. are you all munching down too many skittles or just getting of the kids playground.. ? Why the hell would you want a pink knight...? when there are better ideas.. besides.. he'll probably just shoot the same f*cking arrows as those other clones... Pink.. what a bunch of people we got here wanting a Pink Knight...
  5. AcidGlow

    iArt's Insane Mode Tips!

    Only times I used Sandwiches were: - Sock puppet Dragon. I'd just do an air combo until his fire breathe animation starts then I transform as that gives you invincible frames and then the fire passes through that time and I juggle with the beefy arm twirl. turn back to normal and repeat. - Industrial Castle - get through the falling things faster by only getting hit once - Ice Castle - use in conjunction with the Yeti to run through all the arrows and ground ice waves to pass through it all.
  6. AcidGlow

    1 Year Anniversary!

    Nothing special will happen. Just another day passing by.
  7. what? Doubt it. I did it 3 times on 3 difficulty settings...
  8. AcidGlow

    any way to get a free code?

    save your weekend allowance and buy a points card..
  9. What upcoming DLC? there is none.
  10. AcidGlow

    Easy Way to Meet People for INSANE MODE

    Because he's the only one you use?
  11. AcidGlow

    Necromancer FAQ

    They are still negotiating. Tb wants it free, MS wants a price on it.
  12. AcidGlow

    Necromancer FAQ

    haha.. keep waiting.. alot of us have been waiting 7 months..
  13. 30. Black and White hat Beat 3-1 I've beaten the whole game on normal. Then went and redit this level on the 3 difficulties in coop and alone and it still doesn't unlock when I beat the level. Is there another requirement for this because I have it unlocked on another profile.
  14. AcidGlow

    Alien Prisoner

    Almost everyone did...
  15. AcidGlow

    necromancer dude

    Welcome to 7 months ago.