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  1. Games I Hate: I may or may not own these games, but I hate them for various reasons. Halo 3:ODST They didn't inclue an online multiplayer! with the no shield aspect, the different pistol/SMG, it could've been great! Pokemon Mystery dungeon: explorers of sky Nothing different from the other two except maybe two or three things. waste of money. The one thing I hate, consistently about the first pokemon game. The first gym leader is ALWAYS ROCK, making it a pain in the *** to pick the fire starter! SSX: Blur Definitely not as good s SSX3. the game could have been incredible, if they'd used the same system as SSX3, but with better graphics. Games I Love: Mother 0/Earthbound/Mother 3 The best old school, 8-64bit RPGs i've ever played, HANDS DOWN. they have great stories, funny moments,and they can give you life lessons. FF series Everyone seems to think that these are overcomplicated, but I think that's kind of the essense of an RPG. you've got to work your way through things, find what you need, and enjoy the story. there's always something new to find, everytime you play em'. Games I Love, yet hate. Halo 3. This is the game that got me hooked on FPS games. the fun gameplay, cool story and amazing characters made me love the entire story. The multiplayer is a a pain in the *** sometimes though. annoying 10 year-olds who shouldn't be playing the game, Teamkillers and T-Baggers have ruined the game I once loved. Modern Warfare 2. definitely my favorite shooter for unlocks, but the multiplayer could definitely use a better unlock system. the guns you unlock don't get better as you rank up, like they did in WaW (World at War). They all kind of suck, excluding the ACR. also, the perk "Stopping Power" Is a bit of a gamebreaker, doubling the power of your gun, while the other perks aren't nearly as potent. I hope Treyarch does better (Than infinity ward) on Black Ops. The people that play them. okay, MAJOR RANT WARNING! The people that play these games think that it's important to say "Oh, "Halo 3" is better than that "Modern Warfare 2" game, or vice versa. THEY ARE COMPLETELY DIFFERENT SHOOTERS! one requires reaction time, while the other requires accuracy and a happy trigger finger! you CAN NOT compare them on a skill based level, because the games have different meanings of skill! THANK YOU AND GOODNIGHT!
  2. sorry for double post, but I forgot. The amount of damage done to my homework in my signature.
  3. The amount of crappy games that have come out recently.
  4. Count me in! Name:Mach Age:??? Gender:Male Hometown:??? HP:50/50 Eve:50/50 Weapon:Wrench (When available) Plasmids:ElectroVolt and Telekenesis (When available)
  5. 1st of all, WHY THE HECK HAS NOBODY MENTIONED TINGLE?! he would be all sorts of pure awesome! plus,well, they need to put in one new item. the tanooki suit. think about it. Plus, if anyone's on, i'm up for a debate.
  6. I'm now a second prestige! (*plays music*) I've also discovered the effectiveness of this class. Name: Housecleaner Primary:MP5K/Akimbo Secondary:G18/Akimbo Equipment:Semtex Special grenade:Smoke(good cover) Perk 1:Marathon Perk 2:Lightweight Perk 3:Steady Aim Deathstreak:Painkiller I've mastered the M4A1, TAR-21, And all the snipers. slowly working my way through em'.
  7. I have every weapon but the brute sword, and I would really like it. help, anyone?
  8. I stupidly posted a thread without checking for others, so Ill post my classes here... I didn't check who made this, so my apologies. I feel stupid. My all around class: Primary-ACR/Holographic/Digital Camo Secondary-M9 extended mags Equipment-Semtex Special Grenade-Stun Grenade X2 Perk 1-Scavenger Pro Perk 2-Stopping Power Pro Perk 3-Ninja Pro Deathstreak-Martyrdom My close range class: Primary-Mini-Uzi/Rapidfire/No Camo Secondary-Ranger/Akimbo Equipment-Semtex Special Grenade-Flash Grenade X2 Perk 1-Marathon Pro Perk 2-Lightweight Pro Perk 3-Commando Pro Deathstreak-Painkiller My sniper class: Primary-Barret .50 cal/Thermal+FMJ/Urban camo Secondary-AA12/grip/FMJ (models once I get them again.) Equipment-TI(Tactical Insertion) Special Grenade-Smoke Grenade Perk 1-Scavenger Pro Perk 2-Cold Blooded Perk 3-Ninja Pro Deathstreak-Final stand Again, my apologies to the author of this thread. If anyone wants to send me a friend request, send me a message with your Behemoth name. my gamertag is PuReInSaNiTy16. (alternating caps.) I am a 1st Prestige 50, I play team deathmatch and free-for-all. I'll invite you to free for all games, but only to play competitively, no grinding.
  9. I am unable to edit my signature, and I do not know why. whenever I try it simply says, "You are not authorized to define a signature." what does this mean? any help would be appreciated.
  10. It hurts to say this, but this thread is dead. I'm unable to continue it any longer... My apologies to any involved...
  11. Hello! It's been forever since I last posted. I'm posting this as the (hopefully) official... Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Class conversation! In this thread, you can post your classes, and where to use them! PLEASE POST IN THE FOLLOWING FORMAT: (Examples are in parentheses) NAME: (Winner) Gametype: (Team Deathmatch) (AK-47)-[Attachment] (M93 Raffica)-[Attachment] (Semtex) (Flash) (Scavenger) (Stopping Power) (Ninja) (Martyrdom) NOTE:You do NOT need to use parentheses, brackets, or mathematical symbols-><-please read the above format. O.K. Now that that's out of the way, I'll post mine. AR Team Deathmatch/Free For All ACR-Holographic sight M93 Raffica-Holographic sight Semtex Stun Grenade Scavenger Pro Stopping Power Pro Commando Pro Martyrdom I really hope this thread is succesful for the MW2 players who need a good class.
  12. Brutal legend is an awesome game. ... but you probably knew that already, right? Either way, IMO this game defines my life in three ways: 1. METAL 2. METAL 3. METAAAAL! I am a complete metalhead, and i also like a lot of other stuff. I'm putting my favorite 3 tracks of the game on here, And i'm saying that if you haven't seen this game, you should try it. It has awesome gameplay, cool characters, and the amount of stuff to find is HUGE. WARNING: ITEM MAP!
  13. I throw an INSTANT RESET at the egg. it is reset to 50 degrees.
  14. INT: +1 STR: +1 AGL: +1 LDR: +1 STM: +2 ACU: +1 DEF: +2 ASL: +1 I think that is ten! I'm exited that this is beginning to pick up speed!