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  1. Zippy55

    You're banned!

    banned for not wuving it when fallout 3 comes out....
  2. Zippy55

    New good DLC ideas

    ... already a spoon
  3. Zippy55

    Happy Time. *ReaD*

    how bout u use at least a LITTLE proper english. Ok thank you good bye.
  4. Zippy55

    You're banned!

    banned for being wrong... <(''<) (>'')> (^''^) (v''v)
  5. Zippy55

    Mature Players Guild

    I am one of those 10% i always say good game to people but they always tend to end up saying "your mom was good game" even though they are like 20+ hit me up once you get XBL =P GT:Zippy55 Back on topic: May i join? I'm like 14 though, if not its cool
  6. Zippy55

    Thief with X .. forget it

    when the game first came out people tried this and nothing happened... also you dont need to people to do it, theres a little bubble under the arch of the arrows that leaves you enough room to dig RIGHT on the x
  7. Zippy55

    Check out my fan art!

    Get a job? just a suggestion. or get an illegal copy. or just say "mom/dad give me 200$ i wanna buy photoshop... i suggest the formers allthough the latter does work... sometimes
  8. Zippy55

    CC Trade :)

    you go to tall grass field, dig up a lobster pick it up, your friend picks your weapon up and you pick his up....
  9. Zippy55

    Partial Data Loss

    there is NO WAY to be reimbursed. microsoft states, AS YOU PURCHASE THE GAME that there are no refunds on this item
  10. Zippy55

    Fix it.

    They can't give it back. People have asked and there isn't a way...
  11. Zippy55

    CC online ?!

    when is that? whenever its done(3 months about) and personally i have no problems with online play....
  12. Zippy55

    Anyone else boost exp this way?

    .... ive gotten past thieves forest... just takes 9 sandwiches and 3-5 potions....
  13. Zippy55

    You're banned!

    Ban for not listening to nickelback when you were a fetus. PWNT. lol i just realized i did the first ban... XD