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  1. I think that the behemoth should definitaley make these games for different consoles. one reason is that they would make more money. and two is so people without an xbox or live can buy the game!! please reply!GO BEHEMOTH!
  2. im talking about like two colors in one knight! wouldnt that be cool.!!!
  3. the troll is awesome and yes i agree, they should have specail powers! what about multi colored knights!
  4. Dont all of You totally love castle crashers!!!??? wouldn't it be nice to have more colors though! Like purple , or maybe a black or like a brown.!!! that would be awesome! GO BEHEMOTH!!! please reply!!!
  5. okay? So how many of you think animal orbs are totally awesome ?!!! I mean they float with you , all you want!! Post reply's if u think they should make more different animal orbs! GO BEHEMOTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!