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  1. Damn, never mind. Just gotta get lucky with online matches I guess.
  2. Its been a while since I've been on here, or played CC. But could anyone tell me if that annoying 256 glitch has been fixed or at least dealt with somewhat?
  3. I don't know what to think of it. It looks great, but it's 3D, which means there's about a 50% chance that it will be bad Its got Koijima behind I am hoping for epicness.
  4. Castlevania is bad balloon. I can't wait for Lords of Shadow.
  5. Stickman


    Whats wrong with liking Achievements?
  6. Any chance of a archive for this? I was unaware of its existence until after it was over.
  7. Then he's probably not old enough to buy ODST
  8. I approve. But would prefer a Necromancer one
  9. Batman was better in terms of gameplay.
  10. 9.5 is too generous. I'd give it a 8.5
  11. You got some sweet presents Dan. Hope you had a gooden.
  12. Thats actually pretty good.