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  1. How do you know if the four knights aren't? if they were girls then they wouldnt kiss the princesses you dont know that
  2. male all the way. Unless the developers decided that lesbian knights kissing princeses would be cool (wouldnt be suprised it seemed like they were high when they created the ending.)
  3. I think that having the ability to create your own melee arenas, quickdraw arenas, etc. would be an awesome idea. Maybe having the ability to play with freinds on them. I dont know i just think it would be a great idea if that were to come in future updates. I dont think we should have the right to make a complete campaign level only because it takes up to much memory...trust me. So just leave your opinions, comments, and what ever else you could think of. Gamertag: RaZrSHAD0W That is a zero not an o in my gamertag