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  1. Shurvey

    Shurvey's Fan Art

    Why hello also! I hope you're doing well and it's a pleasure to meet you. Thank you as well!
  2. Well.....can openly say I'm a bundle of nerves. I have no idea what's happened this entire time....

  3. Shurvey

    Shurvey's Fan Art

    Well....I've been gone for a very long time....+awkwardly waves+ Things are....upside down to put it lightly, but picking the pieces back up and sorting things I'm hoping to try and be a regular here again and draw for you peeps! Happy Castle Crashers re-release day!
  4. Shurvey

    Shurvey's Fan Art

    Sorry for the crappiness....but was asked to illustrate a book, so my art mind has been elsewhere. This and transferring to a new job location....I promise I'll draw something more worth while next time.
  5. I...think I had to much fun...but I think I'm gonna call him Quarter from now on. Hah. Get it? Quarter...
  6. Shurvey

    Shurvey's Fan Art

    Let's draw weird things and then proceed to be lazy towards the end....
  7. Can I join in on this? I'd like to do 25% off if it's still open?
  8. I have a strong feeling being a mini and micro electrician is going to be fun....stuff smaller than a pinky? I got this.

  9. Back from traveling the Pacific and boy are my arms tired. Ocean ocean everywhere and all that jazz.

  10. Haven't felt all in the drawey mood lately...what with how demanding work is and all. So, since no official fan art, have other fan art.
  11. That horrible moment you realize you downloaded One Direction.....

    1. KirbyWindWaker
    2. Shurvey


      I know! And all the songs I downloaded? They said all the artists are 'One Direction'....don't ever mistake Daft Punk for One Direction.

  12. I broke my drawing hand....*tsks*

    1. Mangle


      Don't worry, everything's gonna be alright! Your hand will be fixed eventually. :)

    2. Shurvey


      Thank you! It's actually feeling a lot better. Still kinda tender, but usable.

  13. Videogames....that's all I do now. Videogames.

  14. Shurvey

    Shurvey's Fan Art

    Long time no see. It's been a very....rough year, shall we say. But things are turning up, so back into more regular art again...nothing much nor very special, but I'll try and be more regular about drawing again.
  15. Back, but very exhausted.