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    Hero In The Dna Forest

    This is my main character on a statue of himself. It was originally done for a challenge (With my friend). But I am pretty proud of how it came out
  2. pooshklenk

    Hero In The Dna Forest

    That... thing... down in the bottom left... it gives me the shivers... Its made by the creator of adventure time.I watched a few episodes. Hilarious! I see Cat Bug everywhere. Pendleton Ward has definitely been an inspiration. He's very chill, I like chill I love that interview where he starts playing the drums.
  3. pooshklenk

    Hero In The Dna Forest

    It does look very adventure time-y Which is funny because my style truly came from the behemoth. I just started roundin off th corners and over time it became what it is. The face definitely brings out more of the adventure time style... But I guess we are just two very similar animators This was actually done for a weekly challenge, this week we had to draw something inspired by the princess mononoke soundtrack... Tons of fun ! Thanks for the feedback, if anybody has some tips on drawing water, I would love it!