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  1. You know, so we can buckle our pants. Could have Hatty, a cat, the whale, Behemoth Chicken, different prisoners performers...etc. Thoughts? Would you be interested in one?
  2. Main numbered entries always get more sales than spin-offs. Coming off of FFXIV, they're going to need all the sales they can to recoup that dev cost.
  3. I will trade you chicken, cat control, lava lamp, star, and castle crashers just for donut. Gt:Mr Electronics You can get Donut right now by just logging into Furbottom's Features.
  4. I assume he means the Knight from Castle Crashers. Just wanted to say Chester is legit. He just gave me Winston for nothing! Thanks again!
  5. What? There's still time. It says you can submit entries up until June 3rd at 10AM PDT.
  6. quantumsaint

    Xbox One

    I like the box and controller. I don't really like the name, but eventually that won't matter so much. I wasn't really impressed or rather didn't care for any of the games they showed off. I did like the look of the OS. And the Halo show could be cool.
  7. It was given out during the first week of release for completing a certain playlist. Your only hope now is trading with a generous soul who has it and wants to get rid of it.
  8. Last feature was posted right about this time, and the one before that a couple hours later, so we should see it in the next couple hours or so.
  9. Hopefully Nintendo can help them recover some of that Sega/Sonic magic of old. And if there's one thing Nintendo knows well, it's platformers. I say this is a good move by both companies.
  10. A Game of Tennis - indie game. It's Pong. Bastion- a ARPG like Secret of Mana. It's most excellent. Bionic Commando Rearmed - an overhaul of the old NES classic. Borderlands - first person looter, best played with friends Braid - a physics based puzzle platformer. One of the games that first convinced me to get a 360, along with Castle Crashers - A side-scrolling beat-em up. You probably already have this. Castlevania: Symphony of the NIght - Classic sidescroller that co-birthed the term "Metroidvania" for exploration based platforming. Dragon Age: Origins: I bought this the last time I got a points card and played through all the beginning stories. Good if you like BioWare RPGs. Ecco the Dolphin- Another classic I picked up the other day, that I had played back in the day, but had a hankering to play again so I picked it up. 2D dolphin swimming light puzzle solving. Awesome music/atmosphere still. And now it has achievements! Fallout 3/NV - 2 of my favorite games this gen. 1st person RPG ala Elder Scrolls but sci-fi post apocalyptia goodness instead. Guardian Heroes - another sidescrolling beat 'em up like Castle Crashers. Limbo - Physics based puzzle platformer with a black/white aesthetic. It drips with bleakness. Marvel vs Capcom 2 - classic Capcom fighter I bust this out once in a while still. I know there's 3 and origins but I don't have them, so I can't speak for them. Puzzle Quest - gem matching puzzle game with rpg elements. Scott Pilgrim vs the World - Sidescrolling beat 'em up like Castle Crashers, but it takes more notes from River City Ransom on the NES than anything else. Shadow Complex - The next gen equivalent of Super Metroid/Castlevania Symphony of the Night Secret of Monkey Island - HD remake of a beautiful and funny point and click adventure game. The Cave - I loved the Cave. Some critics derided some aspect of its level design, but I still thought it was worth $15. The Walking Dead - TellTale's narrative driven take on The Walking Dead. Those are all the games I've spent money on so far on XBLA. I think they were all worth it. Your Mileage May Very. If anyone has any suggestions for me as to what to get next, I'd welcome them. Oh, and I also have Battleblock Theater. Which is, of course, great. Oh, and I also have D&D Daggerdale, but I wouldn't recommend it...
  11. If you already have over 50, just unlock one more prisoner and it should pop.
  12. It was broken. The patch today fixed it.