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  1. I just got a refurbished 360 back from the repair shop. I was enjoying CC quite a bit and was working on getting the bears when my 360 Red Ringed. Okay, so the license transfers caused me to lose all my data. Annoying, but I can live with that. So, I start trying to rebuild my CC data on my new box after redownloading, etc. Lo and behold, I can no longer save my data. The moment I return to the dashboard, all data is cleared. Tried a few things, but nothing seems to be working. There is no point in me playing CC now. None of my data will save. I can't even grab the 3 coins in the very first screen of the game. The game loses my progress the moment I log off. I have a theory: is there some conflict between the trial game and the regular game? The trial game always wipes your data as soon as you're finished. Since the full game is just an unlocked trial game (try playing CC with no profile. You are offered the trial version), kinda makes me wonder if there is some possible way the trial game's ability to wipe data is finding its way into the full game. After all, when a license is transferred or you log out of you're profile, the game automatically offers you the trial game. If the trial game wipes your data, and is offered whenever you're not logged with a profile... Well, I'll let the programmers figure that out, but that sounds like a connection worth investigation. Just make sure I can play CC will save my progress in the future.