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  1. Here is the run for anyone interested: Really awesome, entertaining run - Stamper and Dan were providing their, err, insightful commentary throughout
  2. Yay! Definitely worth a watch - The category being ran is co-op 100% (all gems and yarn including encores) - The runners are PJ (Twitch link) and Mecha Richter! (Very good speedrunners) Awesome Games Done Quick is an annual speedruning marathon for charity. Held from Jan 4th to Jan 11th. Battleblock Theatre is being ran on the 5th at 8pm EST.
  3. The ability to edit the title of your thread. This would be particularly handy in the playlist promo sub-forums (in time for the steam release) - Instead of having to create a new thread each time you release a new playlist, you could have one master thread with all your creations inside! Yes, you can of course do that already, but editing the title acts as a sort of announcement (losing my train of thought) for example my thread would look something like: scotties' super-easy playlists - newest playlist name date released. It would look a lot better if we all just had one thread - also easier for people to see what else you have created!
  4. Thanks for joining! Hopefully around 10 people will take part - Spread the word! @Quentin 3 judges would be ideal. I'm pretty new to the forums so I'm not really sure who I could ask. Updated prizes!
  5. Planning/Sign-up phase! Hey guys, welcome to the first BBT level creation competition! Creating a full adventure playlist can be a long and daunting task, so what better motivation than a bit of friendly competition and prizes!? See below for all the info you're ever likely to need! SIGN-UP BEFORE NOVEMBER 5TH TO ENTER! Entrants: 8Bitten MisterrQuentin Rules - Full solo adventure playlists only. - One entry per person. (no updated/fixed versions will be accepted) - Must be a new playlist. (no entering any previously created playlists or updated versions of them) - Must be entered before the deadline! Judging All playlists will be scored out of 25 in 3 categorys: - Playability (basicaly, how fun/challenging the playlist is) - Visual design (How good the playlist as a whole looks; consistent themes, clear to see where the player can and can't go, etc) - Originality Highest possible score is 75. If you think another category should be added, leave a comment. Prizes 5-9 entrants: 1st place - 4200 msp. Surprise prize! 10-14 entrants: 1st place - 4200 msp. 2nd place - 1600 msp. Surprise prize! 15+ entrants: 1st place - 4200 msp. 2nd place -1600 msp. 3rd place - 800 msp. Suprise prize! Playlist upload:5th November - Deadline. DEADLINE: TBA (late November - early December) Judging phase: Deadline +1 week.
  6. Great game! The first Pokemon game I've played since the Game Boy Colour, only beaten the first two gyms so far, but seems like it's been worth the wait My Team: Axew - Lv.17 Farfetch'd - Lv. 35 Quilladin - Lv. 32 Combee - Lv. 32 Fletchinder - Lv. 33 Honedge - Lv. 27 Edit: @ Chris, if you bind the Dowsing Machine to the y button, you can use then use y to take off/put on the skates untill your heart's content!
  7. 1. Trials Evolution 2. Fallout: New Vegas 3. Rayman Origins Honourable mentions: The Last of Us, Trials HD, Rayman, TESIV: Oblivion, Conker's BFD, Portal 1/2, Fallout 3, BattleBlock Theatre.
  8. Great set of levels 8Bitten! You can see straight away they have been well thought out & well tested. I agree. You should have to finish at least one level to be able to rate the playlist.
  9. Really nice set of levels from Lt Hudders - Keep up the good work! Hunter's levels looked very well made in the 'Design the with Devs' vid as well
  10. Thanks for the feature! many hours went into this playlist, I hope you all enjoyed it! Though it feels weird that people are (sort of) made to play through it all. I guess I owe everyone an apology for 2-3 (the teleporter one) - I'm sorry
  11. I'll be hosting ranked matches for the next few hours, if anyone cares to join So far today I've played two matches. The first person seemed confused as to why he was the only person playing and quit out in the first few seconds. The second person quit before I even got to play.
  12. Gamertag: guyinco6nito Playlist Name: Flem World Type: Adventure Well made levels with a variety of different puzzles/obstacles to keep you entertained through the whole playlist
  13. I just used a stopwatch on my phone, but you can also change the game-type to challenge and use the timer at the top of the screen. For the time I would say always minus a few seconds depending on the difficulty, amount of puzzles, length, etc.. For a challenge level with no puzzles I would say add between 5-15 seconds depending on length and difficulty. For adventure levels with a few puzzles, you always want to make sure it is possible for the player to get the A++ time 1st time playing if they make no mistakes, but take a few seconds to figure out the puzzles, so I'd say be lenient on the times for these sorts of levels.
  14. Since there are no in-game leaderboards ( ) to compare your times with other people, I thought I'd make a thread for people to post there quickest times and to discuss the techniques used in different levels. My quickest times: PastelPursuit - 37.51 DuelElements - 29.96 ChampionStew - 43.09