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  1. I've got an Intel i5-760 and a GTX480, not the most up-to-date hardware in the world it's all around 3 or 4 years old now but it still runs most games fine, the beta absolutely refuses to run at a decent framerate for me so I don't think it's spec related, definitely some bugs somewhere.
  2. I would put my mini Castle Crashers figurine on the stand on top of my PC, I think it'd be a good resting place for it.
  3. They just don't have anything posted. Not sure of the details or reasoning, maybe they aren't involved anymore.
  4. Well there's supposed to be one every hour, maybe you can catch another one.
  5. I agree, after thinking that the magic on my characters were epic fail, I continued to level skills in everything but magic.
  6. But they all have their own skill sets.
  7. What's NewGrounds? (warning: Joke Ahead Reduce Speed) Ouch yellow. I almost thought you were serious about that comment. I was like "Who doesn't know what Newgrounds is?".
  8. Was going to mention that but I couldn't even find which dead link he was referring to.
  9. I'm going to be Orange Knight but then I might be Periwinkle.
  10. I can't remember if games came out at 2 or 3 central but if it's 2 I'll probably be trying to fall asleep and be like "Oh yeah, Castle Crashers." and just not sleep at all, lol.
  11. Well since there's a ninja in Castle Crashers, will there be a pirate? Let us know if you can.
  12. Heh. Yeah we were talking about old school games in this one post.
  13. I think that is on the Canadian calendar right? Anyways, I've seen it asked what was supposed to be happening, but no answers. If anybody knows, they may not be able to tell us. I think it is just a promotion hoping to get the game some more downloads so people can have the character unlocked. Don't really know but yes it's on the Canadian calendar.
  14. I agree, much more behemoth like than the standard xbox forum, I wonder if that forum is just going to die out? Eventually it will, then I'll have to frequent this site (Trying to not make it sound like a chore.) But for other game forums, I'll always be at Yeah I've always like Gamefaqs forums even though they're the same as Gamespot's I don't like Gamespot's loading time or their idiocy anymore.
  15. Yeah it's an insta-buy. I started showing people from school and forums and got like 10 people wanting to buy it now.