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    video games....(all kinds) favs are castle crashers,dead space,dead rising,red dead redemption,left4dead,fallout3,happywars,minecraft,skyrim,borderlands,bloodbowl,etc... tv is adventuretime,thewalkingdead,G4, ART is ...all kinds :)
  1. I now know why HATTY cries.... he didnt get into the BETA.... im here for ya buddy.... :'(
  2. i shutter to think of the griefing i will suffer at the hands of my son(7yr) .... but playing BBT will be worth it O_<
  3. i think it looks GREAT... however,that being said sometimes simpler is better... maybe take off some of the extra rags... face needs to be recognizable... magic looks awesome... but you cant magic 'everything' pick something in particular... or dont... what do i know nice piece... looking forward to the next
  4. i have a few days .... so ill see what i can come up with... i cant wait to see everyones work..
  5. i cant wait to defeat the HAT and free my friend HATTY :')
  6. it doesnt matter to me WHAT is included.. i CANT wait to play this game with my son