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  1. i'm still laughing. it hurts!
  2. Oh and by the way Lars. About the file name you used on my sig and avatar... Boobee? Was that intentional? Hahaha
  3. Attention everyone in this thread: Lars is the coolest person ever
  4. keeping busy eh lars? haha
  5. its still a very sad day. you just dont find any castle crasher walls around
  6. will do! keep up the fine work
  7. yea i like the tornado magic but i use the bear. my roomate though loves the saracen
  8. Thanks man I love it! Can't thank you enough
  9. also let me know what i would need to put under it. anything more than giving you and Jouste credit?
  10. well hey with you and me that gives the beekeeper 2 votes. i think hes worth adding now
  11. he's the only guy i have maxed out. i have him at level 79 and there's nothing cooler than a continuous rain of bees from the sky